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Twitter 101 for Business — A Special Guide

Want to use Twitter to increase your business? Or do you just want to see what people are saying about it? Here is Twitter’s own guide to using this powerful social media site more effectively.

Twitter 101 for Business — A Special Guide.

Do You Like Small Things?

That may seem like an odd question, but when it comes to traveling, smaller is better. I found a website where you can order individual sizes of just about anything. It is This website has everything from deodorant to toothpaste to pain relievers to cereal. This is great for traveling but also great for dieters. Especially when you can order packets of salad dressings to tote around in your purse! I found it handy for packing lunches also. I ordered individual packets of mustard and relish to make hot dogs. And I like Miracle Whip for my fries. So I can take packets of that out to McDonald’s with me and have what I want!

Going on a trip? Order their TSA approved toiletries. It comes already packed in a ziploc bag for you! Need more than that for a longer trip? They will ship your order to your destination and have it waiting when you get there.

Tip of the Day: This is my favorite page here. Care packages for baby, golfer, cold and flu and (wait for it) military care packages to show those soldiers we are still thinking of them! ***Wave flag here!***

Can You Afford Disney World?

If you have read my About page you know I love Disney World. That is somewhat of an understatement. I am obsessed with Disney World. I read travel books, listen to podcasts, watch every Travel Channel show that has anything to do with the place. I am planning a trip in November for my husband and me. It will be his first trip. It will be my third. I can’t wait to show him all my favorite places there.

I found a book recently that will save us quite a bit of money on our trip. It is called Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide. It is written by a former cast member (Disney-speak for employee).

It is filled with lots of tips and insider tricks for saving money and time.

Tip of the Day: Here are a few of my favorite Disney trip planning sites:, The Dis, and Intercot. And here are some of the podcasts I listen to: The Disney DudesWDWTodayNetcot and my favorite podcaster: Lou Mongello at WDWRadio.

Can You Really Make Money Online?

I found this article on which is pretty straight forward. No hype, no false promises, no claims of making millions overnight. Just good information regarding various ways that money can be made.

I have been involved with a couple of different companies online and make a little extra here and there. No, I’m not an internet millionaire (yet!) but I make enough to pay a bill or two. Sometimes, just a little bit helps.

Tip of the Day: Did you know if you start your own business, there are many tax benefits? Here is a link to an interesting article.

Want Your Own Night at the Museum?

You can go to many museums 24/7. Sorry, not physically, but virtually! This site leads you to over 300 museums, exhibits, and points of interest with online multimedia guided tours. Hey, the kids are out of school but they can still learn. Just don’t tell them they are learning as they explore these sites.

Tip of the Day: Do you have a great zoo nearby? Check to see if they offer season passes. This can be an inexpensive family day out. Pack a picnic and go see what’s new at the zoo!