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Can You Afford Disney World?

If you have read my About page you know I love Disney World. That is somewhat of an understatement. I am obsessed with Disney World. I read travel books, listen to podcasts, watch every Travel Channel show that has anything to do with the place. I am planning a trip in November for my husband [...]


Want Your Own Night at the Museum?

You can go to many museums 24/7. Sorry, not physically, but virtually! This site leads you to over 300 museums, exhibits, and points of interest with online multimedia guided tours. Hey, the kids are out of school but they can still learn. Just don’t tell them they are learning as they explore these sites. Tip [...]


Can We Afford a Summer Vacation?

When it comes to enjoying a vacation on a limited budget, nothing beats a good old camping trip. After all, it costs next to nothing to pitch your tent in the back country wilderness of your favorite national park. Camping is one of the most popular family activities, and many families enjoy camping together, sharing [...]