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Do You Like Small Things?

That may seem like an odd question, but when it comes to traveling, smaller is better. I found a website where you can order individual sizes of just about anything. It is This website has everything from deodorant to toothpaste to pain relievers to cereal. This is great for traveling but also great for dieters. Especially when you can order packets of salad dressings to tote around in your purse! I found it handy for packing lunches also. I ordered individual packets of mustard and relish to make hot dogs. And I like Miracle Whip for my fries. So I can take packets of that out to McDonald’s with me and have what I want!

Going on a trip? Order their TSA approved toiletries. It comes already packed in a ziploc bag for you! Need more than that for a longer trip? They will ship your order to your destination and have it waiting when you get there.

Tip of the Day: This is my favorite page here. Care packages for baby, golfer, cold and flu and (wait for it) military care packages to show those soldiers we are still thinking of them! ***Wave flag here!***